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All About me and my Health Benefits of Water Website.


Hello, I’m Tatiana, and I do like water… 🙂

I have been a hydro engineer since 1978, specializing in environmental protection of water as related to public health.

This has however little to do with my site, which came to life as a result of some fascinating experiences in my life, during the childhood and later.

Happy memories about water

Coming from a family of doctors, as children, my brother and I were so fortunate to have wonderful parents, who were working every summer at various health resorts by the sea.

I learned from them all about the powerful curative properties of sea water and water therapy in general.

– Just imagine, every summer we were on the beach for 2-3 months… Wow, I was so, so lucky!

Kids at the beach

There, by the waterside we grew up healthy and happy.

Yes, the sea water, sun and sea breeze are literally fantastic health tools especially for kids! And swimming and playing in water is one of the healthiest and most wonderful childhood experiences.

I also learned from my parents all about the powerful curative properties of mineral spring waters.

In Europe going to “bathe” for recovering health, or just recharging the body’s energy level, is a custom. Surprisingly, when I came to North America I noticed that the term of “spa” has more the meaning of a beauty salon. For some reason people here, take little advantage of the natural resources of the mineral water.

Later discoveries about health benefits of water

When I started the site, I had the wonderful chance to read Jacques Colin’s book: “Water the Forgotten Miracle”. This opened my eyes to the health benefits of water, and made me see this liquid differently from just being good for our basic needs like drinking and washing, or watering the plants.
Another book that gave me a new vision was “Messages From Water” written by Massaru Emoto – this amazed me even more. It was fantastic to read so many new things about the health benefits of water in such a new light!

Sunset on the water

I got more and more interested in those different aspects of the water and it’s significance. A little later, I was able to make the connection between what this liquid is and what I had read about from authors like Louise Hay, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Leonard Ohr, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, not to forget Dr. Deepak Chopra. – It’s all about us and our own relation to nature and universe.

More recent findings about health Benefit of water

What has fascinated me more recently, was the discovery of the Benefits of Drinking Water, by reading some of Dr. Batmanghelidj’s books. This confirmed what I have learned from my parents and I will share everything with you in this site.

In fact, in 2003 when I first created this website, I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There’s plenty of water there, and somehow that made me think about this subject and that inspired me 🙂 My mother was with me there, and as and as biochemist, her knowledge really helped 🙂

At that time almost nobody was talking about water on the World Wide Web. My “Health Benefits of Water” was the first and only Website on this subject.

But as nothing can go unknown for long on the Internet, people got interested and many other similar sites started to spring up. I was probably meant to spread the word about water to the world… and I feel proud for this 🙂
The health benefits of water became almost a leitmotif or recurring theme – BTW: Are you drinking enough water? 😉

Throughout my site I’m trying to show as much as I can my excitement about water and it’s importance to our health and life.

I think it’s essential for each one of us to start reconsidering ourselves as part of the whole nature and spirit.
I hope you will experience the same excitement by browsing my site.

Thank you for visiting my healthbenefitsofwater.com 🙂

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