9 Amazing Health Benefits of Sea Salt

Benefits of Sea Salt

Wondering about the benefits of sea salt for our health? There are many, and you will be surprised to find out how and why this basic natural element of our planet is so important for us. I’ll show them to you as I read them from Dr. Batmanghelidj’s books and I’m sure you will be …

Sea Salt vs Table Salt – What’s the difference?

Sea Salt vs Table Salt- Sea salt harvesting in Mexico

Sea Salt vs Table Salt – which one to use? The thing is, there is a difference between the common table salt we buy in stores and the natural salt. Well, chemically speaking there isn’t any – they are both sodium chloride (NaCl). However… Sea Salt vs Table Salt Table Salt The salt we normally use …

Sea Bathing

Sea Bating

Sea bathing can be a veritable health treasure if you look at all benefits it offers. It’s about the specific marine climate, sun exposure, sea breeze and the seawater.  But, it’s worth mentioning the additional psychological healing effect associated with the idea of VACATION!  I can still feel the nostalgia of the beach right now… …

Sea Salt and Water – Is Salt Good, or Bad for Us?

Sea salt harvesting

The sea salt (and salt in general) has many benefits to our health, but the combination of salt and water is essential for our life. Together they keep our body hydrated and the vital functions of it working normally. Sea Salt and Water We all know already that our body is 75% water. What maybe not all …

Types of Salt

Types of Salt

There are many types of salt available, but we can classify them in two major categories: natural and artificial salts. Our planet Earth was very generous with this resource and we can find it in abundance either in the sea water or underground. However, humans like to be very productive and create artificial versions of …

Sea Salt Bath – The health benefits of bathing in sea salt water

Sea Salt Bath