Skin and water

Skin Conditions
Benefits of Water Therapy for Skin

Skin Conditions are also called: Cutaneous disorders, Dermatologic disorders

Your Skin is the larger organ of your body:

  • as surface is about 2 square yards,
  • it weights between 6 and 9 pounds and
  • it is made up of 15-40% water, from the outer to the inner layers.

The skin forms a protective barrier between ourselves and the outer environment
and it

  • Protects you from bacteria and viruses that can cause infections
  • Helps you sense the outside world, such as whether it is hot or cold, wet or dry
  • Regulates your body temperature

That’s why it is subject togel singapore to several infections and problems.

Types of Skin Conditions

  • Redness, swelling, burning and itching
  • Dryness
  • Dermatitis
  • Acne

Benefits of drinking water for Skin Conditions

Skin has the ability to perspire to cool and regulate body temperature. If there is dehydration, the water reserves in the skin may be used up without being replaced at the same rate as the water lost. thus, dehydration is a primary factor in the production of dry skin:

  • When the skin loses moisture it becomes prune-like
  • There is less capillary circulation to the skin area to give it the healthy color it should have.

To promote a healthier skin, adequate water intake is essential. If water does not reach the skin from the circulation at its base, the rate of skin repair will decrease, and dehydrated cells will cover the body.

This is one of the reasons why you keluaran sgp often see young women with their skins already aged beyond their year; why you see middle-aged women with deep fur-rows “crow’s feet” all over their faces. The face is most exposed to wind and the sub’s rays, elements that enhance water loss from its surface. (Men hormones bring more circulation to the skin of the face).

  • The ultimate stage is scleroderma: the skin becomes atrophied and begins to resemble a crocodile’s. The good news is that at its early phase, scleroderma can be reversed by increasing water intake.
* The most common irritant to the skin is the detergent residue on washed clothes that are not well rinsed. The detergent can dissolve in sweat and cause contact dermatitis and even hives. Always double rinse anything you wash!

Benefits of Bathing for Skin Conditions

Immersion in water produces mechanical, physical and chemical effects on skin conditions.

Water therapy for skin problems has been used since the beginning of human civilization:

Dead Sea, for instance achieved fame for skin diseases in pre-Biblical times.

In ancient Greece, saltwater bathing – Thalassotherapy – were regarded by numerous physicians, including Hippocrates, as therapy for chronic inflammatory skin conditions.

In Japan, the acidic waters of the famous thermal springs at Kusatsu have been used for nearly 1.000 years to treat a variety of skin problems, including dermatitis.

Today, many European spa resorts specialize in dermatological treatments.


One of the most important health center in France is La Roche-Posay where many patients (including young children) are going for treatments of skin conditions like: Eczema, Psoriasis and scarring from different accidents, surgery and burns, as well as for the treatment and prevention of gum disease.

  • The waters in this place contain small amounts of selenium, which is believed to promote DNA synthesis and cellular growth and also fight cancer.

Sulphur-rich waters are also useful in treating skin conditions. It has been discovered that sulfur in mineral water interacts with free radicals within the deeper layers of the skin. These waters are used to heal acne and different types of fungus and fungal infections on the skin.

At home you can use a high quality sulfur soap to obtain similar results – Sulfur soap is legendary for providing relief for various skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema and especially acne.

sulfur soapAdovia’s sulfur soap, is highly enriched with minerals and sulfur from the Dead Sea. Your skin’s natural moisture levels are balanced and optimized with Olive Oil, Dead Sea minerals and Aloe Vera extract. This soap thoroughly cleanses your face and body and leaves your skin gentle and smooth.

Over the past few years, doctors have accumulated many evidence that attest the ability of mineral waters to help body heal itself of a wide range of skin problems, including dermatitis, eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis and hydro-lipodystrophy (cellulite).

Psoriasis Natural Treatment

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