What is the Best Drinking Water?

Drinking water

The answer is simple: the best drinking water has to have the quality of clean fresh mountain spring water. Let’s say… pure water. Well, “pure” is actually just a term indicating high quality water – in nature water is never pure. As seen, one of its properties is solubility: water combined with the minerals from …

Drinking Mineral Water Benefits – Myths and Reality

Spring Mountain Water

Is Alkaline Water good or bad for us?

alkaline water

In order to support our good health, the ideal pH of drinking water should be neutral – slightly alkaline, matching the optimal pH balance in human body. But, Do we really need to drink Alkaline Water? First of all, what is Alkaline water? As I’ve shown in the pH of drinking water page, alkaline water is water …

Best Mineral Water Brands

Best Mineral Water

Wondering what’s the best mineral water you can drink? The answer is: all bottled waters coming from natural sources are good and safe to drink…. but each has its own characteristics, depending of the type and amount of minerals they contain. We can classify the mineral water in two main categories: Medicinal waters. These are …

pH of Drinking Water – Alkaline vs. Acidic Water

pH of Drinking Water