Message from Water

A very important message from water has been sent to us in this new millennium. It is a message of love, and wisdom, sent to us from the depths of the universe to recall that the human being and water have been unified in a magical alliance from the time of creation.

Masaru Emoto’s Message from Water

The Hidden Messages in Water By Masaru Emoto

In 2002 I had the chance to find and read Masaru Emoto’s book called “The Hidden Messages in Water ” where the author — explains his fantastic experiments on water crystals: He and his team tested samples of water from different sources, or labeled them with statements like “I love you”, “I hate you”; he also exposed some other samples of water to various types of music. He took then photos of the frozen water samples. The result is quite amazing, showing water’s ability to respond to external energies, even feelings…

…. There are voices telling that Emoto’s experiments are not scientifically proved, but has science really explained everything?….

  • Just take a look and use your own judgment (I scanned the images below directly from the book):

The messages from water illustrated by crystals:

Beautiful crystals

Beautiful Water Crystal
Thank you water crystal

The pure spring water crystal has a beautiful hexagonal shape”In this experiment we used basic distilled water and the words “THANK YOU” in the same way we did in the “You Fool” experiment. The crystal has a very beautiful, well-balanced shape.”

St. Lourdes water crystal
Water Exposed to Mozart's music

“A at St. Lourdes’ Fountain, France. a fountain of miracles. The water has “HADO” of love. This crystal expresses the merits of the collective consciousness. The Mozart’s “Symphony No. 40 in G minor”, a soulful music, that heals the heart of its listeners. The resulting crystal is so beautiful and graceful that it’s as if it were speaking on behalf of the composer’s feelings.

Ugly distorted crystals

Water Crystal

Water crystal water from a polluted river in Japan has an ugly unstructured shape”YOU MAKE ME SICK. I WILL KILL YOU” – was the label of this water sample. Subsequently the shape of the water was as ugly as we had expected after we exposed the sample to these words. The crystal was distorted, imploded and dispersed.

You Fool Water Crystal
Water exposed to Heavy Metal Music

This water was labeled with the word “YOU FOOL” in Japanese at the left and English to the right. It seems that there is a difference in the etymology of the words because we did not obtain the same results.This water sample has been exposed to a Heavy Metal Music – a music filled with anger that seems to be denouncing the world. The water had reacted negatively to it; its crystal’s basic well formed hexagonal structure has been broken in pieces..

Take a look at the full documentary video on Masaru Emoto’s studies on water crystals

The pictures above tell us that:

  • Pollution and toxic wastes can completely change water’s structure
  • Good feelings, love and gratitude, can change our life in beautiful ways
  • Water also reacts to different frequency waves, like music – which we often use to relax, or feel good
  • Water can be dramatically affected by bad feelings, emotions or anger. Have you ever wondering what happens in one’s body in a situation of unrequited love? Just look at the water crystals again.

Now, thinking that water is the most abundant compound of our body… how do you feel? – I guess the same way I do…

The Message from Water and Us

Please take a look at this short video, part of a controversial movie:

I personally liked and enjoyed the movie and played it several times.  What the Bleep Do We Know!? also available on Amazon. Read the reviews on it and decide for yourself about it.

Whether scientifically recognized or not, the message from water transmitted to us by Dr. Masaru Emoto, reveals facts that we already know, and facts that we yet have to think about:

  • High frequency vibrations like good feelings, love and gratitude, can change the water’s structure and in the same time our life in beautiful ways
  • Low frequency energies like bad feelings, emotions or anger, can dramatically alter the water structure as well as our own life and health

The Message of Water is about Love and Gratitude

Happy flowers

An interesting fact (I read from other sources), is that changes of water properties apply not only to humans: different studies show that exposing plants to pleasant music, or just talking to them, can make them grow several times faster…

Some years ago when I read Emoto’s books, I made my own experiment on some cut flowers:

I divided them into 2 categories and put them in the same tap water, same light, same conditions. The difference was that on one vase I stuck a label on which I previously wrote the words “Love & Gratitude”. The label was with the words facing the vase (water). This category of flowers lasted about 1 week longer than the other.

Is this not amazing?

“Love heals everything” — is maybe the most powerful message from water – explains Emoto

You can try to do this experiment on flowers too and see what happens – I would be happy to hear about your results 🙂

I’ve done even more: I put similar positive labels on everything in my home: the water tank, the water pipes under the sink, or those going to the shower even on the refrigerator.

The Message of Water is also a big warning on our attitude to life

farmed cows

Please take a moment and try to imagine 

  • What happens within a body that has been abused and tortured, like the factory farmed animals — which constitute our daily diet (meat, eggs and dairy products)…
  • What would be the consequences for our health, if we continue to eat sick animals or products coming from them…

The fact is that if we don’t understand to give back the love we have been given and show gratitude to mother nature, then our existence is in big danger.

Message from Water Conclusion

Water is more than just a liquid that flows. It is related to us in all aspects of our life and it asks for love and respect.

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