Health Benefits of Water

Let’s rediscover the Health Benefits of Water and all that it means to us:

Did you know that everything we do: drinking, eating, bathing, cleaning, breathing, exercising, relaxing, even thinking and being happy is related to water?

How is this possible?

Well, water is everything on Earth, and we are deeply related to this life-giving fluid:

  • We were brought forth from the water in our mother’s womb
  • Our body is about 75% water and 75% of the earth’s surface is covered by water (coincidence?)
  • All living organisms around us from fellow inhabitants to the foods we eat are mostly made up of water
  • Even the air we breath is partially water!

“We are water drops in this ocean of living matter” – states Jacques Collin the author of “Water the forgotten miracle”

" We are drops of water in this ocean of living matter" - Jaques Colin Ocean in Sunset

Water can cleanse our bodies, prevent disease, rehabilitate and improve our overall well-being, naturally.

Let’s face it:

We simply cannot exist without water, but we can exist without drugs in a more convenient way…

Our highly synthetic, industrialized and commercialized world has distracted us from the relationship with the natural environment. This is how we have forgotten about so many basic yet crucial realities, like the incredible health benefits of water.

  • Have you ever wondered why we often rely on drugs and surgical intervention to heal illnesses? Could we rather prevent and treat them naturally?
  • Should we really believe the pharmaceutical companies who would have us take a pill for everything?
  • Why are we calling a natural cure “alternative” medicine?

I totally believe that when we look for drugs instead of understanding our basic body’s needs, we are just fooling ourselves, refusing to see the reality.

What are the health benefits of water?

In this site you will find simple natural methods for your health and well-being, all related to water.

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Let’s rediscover the health benefits of water together right here, right now!