Special Properties of Water – Water is Amazing!

All the special properties of water make this liquid not only different than any other liquids, but crucial to our health and life. But there are still more mysteries about water, yet to be discovered and it’s all related about the water structure.

What are the Special Properties of Water

Surface tension

Water has the Highest Surface Tension of all common liquids.

  • This allows the process of capillarity, essential to our breathing
    – this facilitates the oxygenated blood from the lungs to travel to the heart and from there, to all our cells and organs.
    Guess what happens in case of dehydration
  • The capillarity also allows plants to absorb the diluted minerals from the ground, – which further by the photosynthesis process, will became our own source of minerals and vitamins.
Capillarity of water facilitate our circulatory system
Capillarity of water
facilitates our circulatory system
Plants get water from the ground by capillarity

Water has the highest latent heat capacity of any other liquids

Latent heat capacity refers to the ability for a substance to lose or gain heat without any change to its chemical structure; it can change from liquid to gas, or from solid to liquid.

  • This feature allows us to have slot terbaru heating and refrigeration systems in our homes.
Solid water (ice) helps keeping our food and drink cold
  • This property also makes water a powerful coolant for the human body, thanks to perspiration and evaporation. Water takes a lot of hit from the air around to evaporate. It’s a great feature that enables humans to live in a quite variable range of temperatures.
The evaporation of water from the sea and from our own bodies keeps us comfortable in hot climates

The reverse is also true:
Inside our bodies the hydroelectric energy helps maintaining us to a constant temperature level in cold climates.

Fun in the snow

Water is the Universal Solvent

In liquid form, water is able to dissolve more types of matter than any other liquid. This is absolutely essential for our own metabolic functions, and for all life on earth.

  • Through its hydrolytic mahjong ways 2 properties, water initially breaks down all food we eat to their primary constituents for absorption into the system. For example, it transforms the proteins to amino acids, fats to fatty acids and starch to sugar.
    Further on, water also helps the absorption of all nutrients trough the intestines and transports them to all our organs.
Balanced Food

By dissolving the minerals from what we eat, water facilitates the process of  electrolysis, which happens at the cellular level. This is essential to all the physiological functions of our body.

In nature water dissolves rocks, minerals or organic materials from the ground providing oxygen and nutrients to all living organisms.

Mineral water is believed to be beneficial for treating various internal and external ailments, and it was the main spa therapy used in traditional balneotherapeutic resorts.

Spa Therapy

Versatility of Water

Water is the only substance that is found in all three states (gas, liquid and solid) in the normal temperature range on the Earth’s surface.

  • Because of this we have the hydrologic cycle, which circulates water from ocean, to atmosphere, to land, and back to ocean. This gives us a renewable supply of air and fresh water. Read more about the importance of water cycle
The water cycle produces a continuous supply of fresh water

When water breaks it releases  negative ions of oxygen in the surrounding air, refreshing the atmosphere. That’s why water fountains and waterfalls are a bless for public areas, or home as water features.

Water fountains generate negative ions, purifying the air around


The cohesive forces between molecules in the water are shared with all neighboring atoms – this leads to Buoyancy and Archimedes’ principle: objects immersed in water are lighter than usual.

  • Buoyancy makes physical water therapy beneficial, because it enhances range of motion and eases the pain of movement.
Water physical therapy

Solid Water is Less Dense than Liquid Water

Water becomes more dense as it rtp slot hari ini cools, but only until it reaches 4° C (39.2° F). At this point water’s density begins to decrease, and continues to do so as it freezes. Ice will float on water for this reason.

  • Without this feature, what do you think would happen with the underwater life?
Water freezes at the surface first

We should certainly be grateful to water! Without all its properties, life would be very different – if not impossible – on Earth.  But there are more things to discover about this liquid…


Water Memory is a controversial subject and Dr. Jacques Benveniste’s theory which was at the base of the Homeopathy, was not endorsed by the medical societies in the Western cultures. Recently, other scientists restarted to study water and its secrets from this point of view and here is a very interesting must to see documentary made by the Aerospace Institute in Stuttgart, Germany . I hope you will like it:

If memory is one of the properties of water, let’s see Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Message from Water

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