9 Amazing Health Benefits of Sea Salt

Wondering about the benefits of sea salt for our health?

There are many, and you will be surprised to find out how and why this basic natural element of our planet is so important for us.

I’ll show them to you as I read them from Dr. Batmanghelidj’s books and I’m sure you will be as amazed as I was:)

Salt is essential for our life. But what exactly does this mean?

Benefits of sea salt for our health:

1. Body pH Balance

In concert with water, salt will neutralize the acidity in the body, as well as in the brain cells.

pH Balance in the Human Body

– If you want to prevent the Alzheimer’s disease, you should not go on salt-free diet, or take anti diuretics for long.
– Kidneys will also benefit from less acidity passing into the urine

2. Toxins elimination

Healing Spring Water

Drinking mild salt water from salt springs also helps the digestive system and aids in the elimination of toxins.

– Researchers at Poznan University found that drinking sea water in small quantities can be beneficial to the health because of all the minerals it contains. They give as an example the Native Americans from Utah, who used to drink water from the Great Salt Lake, to enhance the curative factors of their herbal remedies.

3. Skin health

Sea Salt Bath

Sea salt bath, has an antiseptic effect to the skin and reduces histamine that causes inflammation and itching sensation. It also helps in chronic skin diseases.

Gums and teeth

Sea Salt makes the perfect mouth wash – you can use it to rinse your mouth after brushing or even as a more natural tooth soap, applied directly on the toothbrush. Use it in a 1% salt brine.

4. Boosting the Immune System

Sea Bating

Sea bathing activates circulation and helps the body to boost it’s own healing capacities. In health clinics sea water is used for many medicinal conditions like allergies and respiratory problems.

5. Allergies, asthma and respiratory congestion

Salt has been always known as a strong antibiotic and antihistamine. A dry salt air inhaler will help cure bacterial respiratory infections and eases symptoms of dry coughing, asthma or allergies.

Therapeutic Salt-Air Pipe Inhaler

– Inhaling and drinking small amounts will help clean the lungs by eliminating mucus and phlegm.

– Inhaling dry salt is an old medical treatment for people with respiratory problems. It is called speleotherapy (or Halo therapy), because it’s generally practiced in deep salt caves.

– Crystal salt lamps also improve the quality of air we breathe by generating negative ions

6. Digestion

Types of Salt

When we add salt to the food, our salivary glands are activated, giving us the necessary liquid that will dissolve the food, making it tastier and easier to swallow and digest. See more about culinary types of salt.

7. Stress

Woman Bathing

Salt has a strong calming effect to the body by preserving the serotonin level in the brain. That’s why often sea bathing is recommended in the cure of emotional and affective disorders. Taking a sea salt bath at home also helps reduce stress and relax.

8. Diabetes

You are not Sick you are Thirsty book

According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, salt is an important element when dealing with diabetes. – It reduces the need of insulin by balancing the sugar level in the blood.

9. Blood Pressure

Human circulatory system

By adding “good” salt to our diet, along with the other minerals and an appropriate hydration, salt will actually reduce the hypertension.

– The insufficiency of minerals in our body is the cause of water retention that causes the blood pressure. Just drink more water!

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