Drinking Mineral Water Benefits – Myths and Reality

Spring Mountain Water

Spa Therapy – The Healing Power of Balneotherapy

Spa Therapy

What is Spa Therapy? Many people are associating the term with an establishment for luxury beauty and wellness, eventually using some hydrotherapy features. If you are among them, you will be surprised to learn that the term, actually originated from a small town called Spa in Belgium. The word stands for “fountain” in the Walloon …

Mineral Water Benefits – The Healing Spring Water

Healing Spring Water

The mineral water benefits come from the natural goodness from beneath the earth’s surface with which water become infused before it comes to the surface. This “Healing spring water” is the main healing factor in traditional spas in Europe practising Balneotherapy. In fact, the spa therapy idea came alive due to a healing mineral spring in Belgium. …

Best Mineral Water Brands

Best Mineral Water

Wondering what’s the best mineral water you can drink? The answer is: all bottled waters coming from natural sources are good and safe to drink…. but each has its own characteristics, depending of the type and amount of minerals they contain. We can classify the mineral water in two main categories: Medicinal waters. These are …