Negative Ions – Sometimes Negative is Good

Negative Ions on Lake Constance, Germany

Did you know that negative ions are affecting our health every day? If you thought that negative is bad, this is the exception that confirms the rule 🙂 You most certainly have noticed how you felt tired and stressed in a confined environment, and even more so when there are too many people in sharing the …

Benefits of Water for Skin – Keep your Skin Hydrated to Look Beautiful

Benefits of Water for Skin

Message from Water

Message from Water

A very important message from water has been sent to us in this new millennium. It is a message of love, and wisdom, sent to us from the depths of the universe to recall that the human being and water have been unified in a magical alliance from the time of creation. Masaru Emoto’s Message from …

Air Fire Water Earth

Ocean in Sunset

Air Fire Water Earth are four elements that compose all things – states the ancient Greek philosophy… By noticing the balance of the four classical elements we discover the realm of human life… While the fire element stands for the sun and all electric fields around us, Water is the magnet that attracts and receives …

Home Water Purification Systems

Home Water Purification

Clean, healthful drinking water is essential. This, regardless the source: public distribution, underground or surface. Unfortunately, the water we drink today, contains more substances than originally did. Sad to say, but the water is now subject to endless amounts of pollutants. As if contamination from parasites was not enough, fluoride and chlorine are now present. …

Child Dehydration – Encouraging kids to drink water

Child Dehydration

Did you know that ignoring child dehydration can lead to a reduction in their mental and physical performance? But failure of drinking water can also increase children’s risk for a whole range of health problems. What are the health effects of child dehydration Some of them are: tooth decay, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, childhood obesity, heart …