Benefits of Water for Skin – Keep your Skin Hydrated to Look Beautiful

Wondering what are the benefits of water for skin?

A dermatologist told me that the skin’s health is just the reflection of our internal health. This is very important to know, because our health is so much related to water, internally and externally.

Our larger and more exposed organ, which is the skin, benefits from water as much as our entire body does.

Of course, the skin needs much more than water to look beautiful, but this is not the subject of this site. Just think that when you look for healthy beautiful skin, water is the basic requirement, but often disregarded.

Benefits of Water for Skin

Keep your skin hydrated to look beautiful!

Drinking water for skin health is mandatory

The skin has the ability to perspire to cool and regulate body temperature. If there is dehydration, the water reserves may be used up without being replaced at the same rate as the water lost.

On dehydration, there is less capillary circulation to the skin area to give it the healthy color and moisture it should have. – Therefore, when the skin loses water it shrinks, wrinkles, cracks and loses volume and elasticity.

Dehydration is one of the reasons why you often see young women with their skin already aged beyond their years. tells Dr. Batmanghelidj.
*The face is the most exposed to wind and sun elements that increase water loss from its surface. (according to Dr. Batmanghelidj, male hormones bring more circulation to the facial skin than women’s).

Drinking Clean Water for health and beauty

“The ultimate stage of skin dehydration is scleroderma: the skin becomes atrophied and begins to resemble a crocodile’s. The good news is that at its early phase, scleroderma can be reversed by increasing water intake.” – Dr. Batmanghelidj

  • Drinking water is not only important for the visible part of the skin, but also for keeping your eyes and the mucous membranes moist. (mucous membranes are those found in the nose, digestive and respiratory organs, genital system and slot gacor 2022 middle ear).

Water and eye care

… Same story with the eyes: the dryness of the air combined with long hours on the computer made my eyes red and itchy – when I asked at the pharmacy, I was advised to use artificial tears, which fortunately helped.

Drinking water is also very important for Eye Care

My optometrist told me that cornea is 80% water. Working long hours on the computer makes the eyes dry. Just closing the eyes for a few seconds every hour  and blinking frequently allows liquid from the tear glands to moisturize and lubricate the cornea.

He recommended regular drinking of water for good eye health…
** In very dry climates, some extra care me be useful too.

There are however plenty benefits of water for skin, and are not limited to drinking water. Our skin needs to be moist all the time in order to function properly.

Benefits of Water for Skin: Keep your skin moist from outside


Have you noticed how dry the skin and hair get in a dry climate?

Sometimes, drinking water is not enough to keep our skin hydrated. When the air is too dry, like in the winter for instance, we need to add an air humidifier into our environment. Home water features are good humidifiers if you want to go natural, but often artificial air humidifiers are more efficient. The water evaporation produced by such a device will make the air easier to breathe and the skin less itchy.

  • I spent a few months in Nevada last year and no lotion could help my dry skin. I thought I had to change climate and move in order to stop the itchiness of my skin. – I was coughing too… Fortunately, I had the idea to search on Internet… I found a small but effective one for a medium room. What I like about is that it’s portable, and easy to move from a room to another. I still have it 🙂

There is however another reason for dry itchy skin in Nevada, and that is the hard water… yuck!

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