When talking about dry skin and water, you may think about dehydration. You are right, because the benefits of water for skin start with drinking water. This keeps our skin moist from inside.

But what about keeping our skin moist and healthy from outside?

What you need to know about dry skin and water

Bathing and skin care

Woman Bathing

Immersion in water produces mechanical, physical and chemical effects on our body, and spa therapy for improving the quality of skin has been a practice since ancient times.
Well, in day-to-day life, bathing and showering are important to keep our skin clean from dirt and bacteria, while eliminating the excess of dry accumulated cells.

Why are some people complaining about having dry skin after bathing?

This is because while water cleans your body it also removes its natural skin oil. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to bathe to keep your skin moist and hydrated.

Dry skin and water: How to avoid dry skin when bathing

  1. Take your baths and showers with warm water, just enough to feel comfortable, but not too hot.
  2. Use mild soaps based on natural oils with naturally scents if any – Many handmade soaps are suitable, when made with natural, and even better organic ingredients.
    ** It’s always a good idea to check the ingredients on the products you buy for your skin. I read someplace a statement that I really liked: ” If there are too many things on the label that you cannot understand what they are, don’t buy it”  🙂
  3. Don’t rub your body too hard and too often with rough things like loofah or harsh bath cloths.
  4. Use a body moisturizer lotion after bathing, preferably one with as few artificial chemical ingredients as possible.

Dry skin and water quality

In case you didn’t know, toxic substances from water, especially chlorine, are absorbed into your body more through the skin than by the mouth.

Most people don’t realize that the chlorine content in the water will damage their skin. Chlorine strips your skin and hair of moisture and natural oils, and makes it dry and itchy.

Reduce the amount of chlorine in your water and you’ll see significant cosmetic benefits. These will also include softening your hair and skin after only one week!

What about the THMs and VOCs, which turn into vapor in the shower and are quite damaging to the health of your lungs?

If you are concerned about your health, you should try a good water filter, for the removal of synthetic chemicals, chlorine, and other dangerous contaminants, while maintaining a healthy PH level for your skin and hair.

Dry skin and hard water

Have you noticed that your hair and skin gets dry and itchy when you wash with hard water? That’s because alkaline water does not rinse off the soap very well. When particles of soap are not rinsed off the skin it will feel dry and itchy.
* Same thing happens with your laundry – it retains particles of the detergent which cannot be eliminated well when using hard water. Then when the clothes come in contact with your skin you get an uncomfortable itch.
– The most common irritant to the skin is the detergent residue on washed clothes that are not well rinsed. The detergent can dissolve in sweat and cause contact dermatitis and even hives. Always double rinse anything you wash!

To completely resolve the problem of water and dry skin, a water softener is a good investment if you live in a zone with a hard water supply.