What you need to know about dry skin and water

woman relaxing in bath by Adam-Borkowski

When talking about dry skin and water, you may think about dehydration. You are right, because the benefits of water for skin start with drinking water. This keeps our skin moist from inside. But what about keeping our skin moist and healthy from outside? What you need to know about dry skin and water Bathing and skin …

Blissfull Relaxation through a Home Foot Bath Spa

Foot Bath Spa

Why Do You Need A Foot Bath Spa? Consider this question: how much do you use your feet per day? – You use them constantly and tirelessly. – You use them for walking, running, even basic standing. Many people believe that a foot bath spa is no more than a physical relaxation and healing process. In reality …

Water Physical Therapy Benefits

Water physical therapy

Water physical therapy refers to water exercises to treat various types of affections and injuries. It is also called aquatic rehabilitation, or simply slot server thailand super gacor hydrotherapy. Water Physical Therapy The hydrotherapy has many health benefits over the traditional physical therapy. In addition to being relaxing and enjoyable it offers: Support: Water helps …

How to encourage kids to swim

Mother encouraging kid to swim

Kids love water and it’s rare that they may develop a fear of swimming., However, this can happen if they are accidentally exposed to an unfriendly situation. So, how to encourage kids to swim? In order to overcome your children’s eventual adversity to getting into water, here are some ideas. By following these 5 simple …

Sea Bathing

Sea Bating

Sea bathing can be a veritable health treasure if you look at all benefits it offers. It’s about the specific marine climate, sun exposure, sea breeze and the seawater.  But, it’s worth mentioning the additional psychological healing effect associated with the idea of VACATION!  I can still feel the nostalgia of the beach right now… …

Sea Salt Bath – The health benefits of bathing in sea salt water

Sea Salt Bath