Kids love water. It’s rare that they may develop a fear of water, but this can happen if they are accidentally exposed to an unfriendly situation. In order to overcome your children’s eventual adversity to getting into water, here are some ideas:

How to encourage kids to swim

By following these 5 simple tips give your kids confidence in water and help them to start swimming easily.

1. Start early in the kid’s infancy

According to the National Institute of Health, when an infant is placed on its back in a baby bath with warm water, about 2 to 3 inches, they learn to kick which develops their leg muscles and as they grow they can advance to independent swimming. It is important that at first, they use some type of floating device and later on they can learn to swim on their own.

2. Start with shallow water on the beach and get involved with their playing

How to encourage kids to swim - Kids on the edge of water on the beach

  • Kids like to play in the sand and you can play with them building castles and  make them bring some water for the “construction”
  • Start searching for nice shells or stones to make a “collection”. After that, leave them “apparently” alone. They will start to find more beautiful treasures and will run to show them to you. Encourage them to go and find more.
  • Kids will also notice that it’s fun to play with the small waves going back and forth on their legs.
  • Little by little encourage them to enter the water and make splashes.
  • Enter the water yourself and show them how enjoyable it is – play with them and make them splash more

3. Start with a cute floating device

It is important that at first, kids use some type of floating device

  • Water toys and a safe and enjoyable environment can play a big roll in helping them to be confident
  • Funny swimming accessories offer beginners full flotation support, and will make them love this environment without fear.

4. Bring them to a pool

  • Play with them just like this mother that I photographed in one of my summer vacations doesLittle girl playing in the swimming pool

5. Make everything fun and pleasant

Check this great article I found on how teach your kids to swim

5 fun and easy games that teach your kids how to swim

  • Adequate swimming equipment like a swimming vest, a pair of funny arm bands, or a pair of goggles – which will prevent the water getting into their eyes, will help them to continue.

If you know how to encourage kids to swim, they will not develop the fear of water and will be able to eventually join a swimming lessons program to develop their already achieved skills.

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