Benefits of Drinking Water in Arthritis Treatments

Looking for arthritis treatments that have been proven to be very effective, inexpensive and without side effects?

You’ve been suffering from arthritis and joint pain for years. You take painkillers, and they do help… Until the drug wears off and you begin to ache again. When you ask for a permanent solution, your doctor suggests surgery – which, of course, you would like to avoid.

Good news is that water may be the way to save yourself from the surgeon’s knife. If you are looking for a permanent arthritis treatment, you are looking for water therapy.

Drinking Water benefits in Arthritis Treatments and Joint Pain

How to Deal With Back Pain and Rheumatoid Joint Pain By Fereydoon BatmanghelidjIn his book “How to Deal With Back Pain and Rheumatoid Joint Pain”, Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj explains that:

… when you are dehydrated, your cartilage thins and fails to buffer your joints. This causes bone to rub against bone, causing arthritic pain.

“Think of your body like a car. In a car, oil prevents metal from rubbing up against metal. In your body, water does the same thing; it keeps cartilage robust and joints floating. It keeps bone from rubbing up against bone.
So, why would you diligently check the fluid in your car, but neglect the fluids in your body? ”  Dr. F. Batmanghelidj MD’s

Arthritis treatments studies

Clinical and scientific research the doctor has done, exposed for the first time, that recurring “chronic pains” are signals from the body indicating severe general or local dehydration. From his perspective, most of the arthritis pains can be relieved simply by drinking water. – The painkillers your doctor prescribes for your arthritis are a temporary fix; they treat the symptoms, not the cause.

The doctor stresses that joint and back pain occurs because there is not enough water circulation to wash out local acidity and toxic substances.

When healthy and hydrated, the cartilage that separates the bone structures in the joint contains a vast quantity of water. This water enables the cartilage to glide over the opposing surface, and aids with the lubrication for joint movements.

If there is a shortage of water, there will be friction and shearing stress at the joint’s contact points. If there is severe dehydration the dry cartilage might die, and peel from the contact bone surface.
The accumulated acidity makes the nerve endings more sensitive, causing pain. If there is no water shortage, there is no pain.

*Arthritis treatments and alleviating joint and back pain is one of the many benefits of drinking water

The Arthritis Foundation recommends drinking water in arthritis treatments as “a magical drink” for the same reason: One of the benefits of drinking water is that it eliminates the toxins in the body and this helps fighting arthritis.

Other recommended drinks are: juices and smoothies, coffee and milk, even red wine, but they recommend avoiding sodas, because of the high levers of sugar, artificial sweeteners and phosphoric acid (these ingredients conflict with calcium in the body).

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