Fluoride in drinking water

Fluoride in drinking water

The subject of the fluoride in drinking water has been debated for years. Yet, many people still think that drinking water with added fluoride is a great thing to do for their dental health. Since the mid-1940s, municipalities in the USA and Canada, started to add this product to the public water to prevent tooth …

Drinking Mineral Water Benefits – Myths and Reality

Spring Mountain Water

You may wonder if there are any health benefits from drinking mineral water… The answer is yes there are, but there are also some myths and marketing hypes around this subject. What is mineral water? You may know by now that water is the best solvent in nature – if not, read more about this …

Benefits of Water for Skin – Keep your Skin Hydrated to Look Beautiful

Benefits of Water for Skin

Home Water Purification Systems

Home Water Purification

Clean, healthful drinking water is essential. This, regardless the source: public distribution, underground or surface. Unfortunately, the water we drink today, contains more substances than originally did. Sad to say, but the water is now subject to endless amounts of pollutants. As if contamination from parasites was not enough, fluoride and chlorine are now present. …

Child Dehydration – Encouraging kids to drink water

Child Dehydration

Did you know that ignoring child dehydration can lead to a reduction in their mental and physical performance? But failure of drinking water can also increase children’s risk for a whole range of health problems. What are the health effects of child dehydration Some of them are: tooth decay, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, childhood obesity, heart …

What is the Best Drinking Water?

Drinking water

The answer is simple: the best drinking water has to have the quality of clean fresh mountain spring water. Let’s say… pure water. Well, “pure” is actually just a term indicating high quality water – in nature water is never pure. As seen, one of its properties is solubility: water combined with the minerals from …