Feng Shui Water Symbols – Why should you use them

Feng Shui Water Symbols can replace perfectly the real water features in your house or office. When placed in the right area, they will activate the good energies inviting the positive Chi to your environment.

Reflective glass surfaces like crystals and mirrors are considered water symbols

Feng Shui crystals add light and color to any room in your home. They fill a home with positive Chi energy. When placed in a window, crystals will encourage positive Chi as they fill your home with rainbows. They also bring balance to the dominating fire element – the sun.
Use crystals all around the house to deflect negative energies with their beautiful reflections.

Lotus Flower Crystal

Water Pictures

Similarly, you can bring good energies into your house with some beautiful pictures containing water reflections

Water reflections

Moonlight over the marina

Flowing free forms, wavy, or asymmetrical shapes

In Feng Shui, soft and wavy lines of water elements bring “Yin” energy. They help slot gacor terbaru to balance the straight architectural lines and the many other “Yang” shapes and energies of our modern life.

Other water symbols can be: a water picture, or any art representing water. For instance a beautiful lake, sea waves, a waterfall will energize an area with good energies.

Energizing ocean waves in the golden light

Ocean waves at sunset

Feng Shui Water Related Chinese Figurines

Real water related pets, or just figurines representing: fish, frogs, turtles, or water dragons have their own symbolism. From the Feng Shui perspective, they will bring good energies to your place. Chinese believe that the Turtle will bring longevity, especially to the head of the house.

* TIP: Never place Feng Shui water elements pointing out of your home

Where to place the Feng Shui symbols and water elements

Correcting the unbalance in your environment

The water element is a great solution for correcting an unbalance floor plan of your home.

Feng Shui unbalanced floor plan

According to Feng Shui, the best shape for a house, apartment or room is the square. But don’t lose hope if your home or workplace has an architectural imbalance.

Water features symbolically complete the structure. Place them to “fill in” where the corner of the building would be. At the same time, the water feature keeps lively Chi circulating.

Feng Shui Water elements are ideal for activating the good energy of your prosperity area.

In Feng Shui, water is directly associated with the flow of money and prosperity. Therefore, water features are especially powerful in the “wealth” and “career” areas.


In Feng Shui the water element is generally a good enhancer for the NORTH areas of your place. However, by using the  BAGUA map will give you more ideas. By applying it to your home or office floor plan,  you will notice nine distinctive zones and each is related to a specific color.


The colors: blue, dark blue, black or water tones. Place the water elements in the prosperity, health, creative, knowledge, career or helpful people areas to activate them.

* TIP: It is very important to know that the Prosperity corner is the farthest left corner of your house (room, office) from the entrance door. –
In this zone you should place a water feature or symbol to activate the good energies.

**PS: Like all Feng Shui figurines, the Chinese water symbols are considered sacred. Don’t use them in the bathroom, on the floor, or in any irreverent way! It would be a blasphemy.

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