Feng Shui Water: How to Attract Good Energies

Pay attention to the Feng Shui Water element if you want to attract good energy into your environment.

In this Chinese philosophy, the term stands for Water and Wind. When activated by the wind, water in motion generates the flow of well-being through your life.

How to use the Feng Shui Water Elements to your advantage

In Feng Shui ALL water features are believed to stimulate the flux of life, giving energy and bringing well-being to your home and life. – They are great additions for decorating your home and garden. For instance:

1. Bird baths and water gardens

When filled with clean water, bird baths improve Chi.
They symbolize good fortune and happiness

Bird bath fountain

Still water generally is not a good Feng Shui slot online option. However, bird baths and water gardens will attract wildlife, awakening and enlivening the good energy. – Birds need to drink water too.

 2. Water Fountains

Placed in the knowledge area, a waterfall can enhance learning.

Water fountains and waterfalls circulate and refresh the Chi while they offer a pleasing place to rest the eye and the ear.
Water fountains provide more health benefits by releasing negative ions, thereby purifying your environment. Fountains also increase humidity levels and decrease the level of dust, pollutants and static electricity.

3. Fish tanks or aquariums

In Feng-Shui, aquariums bring wealth and prosperity. If the fish are real, they will share their quiet, positive energy.


Fish have been proven to help reducing stress and keeping old people alive and healthy.
* I read that in Hong Kong almost every apartment has an aquarium.

TIP: Do not keep fish in the bedroom, the bathroom or the kitchen where they will create material loss!

Water symbols are as important in Feng Shui as the water element itself.

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