Fluoride in drinking water

Fluoride in drinking water

The subject of the fluoride in drinking water has been debated for years. Yet, many people still think that drinking water with added fluoride is a great thing to do for their dental health. Since the mid-1940s, municipalities in the USA and Canada, started to add this product to the public water to prevent tooth …

Spa Therapy – The Healing Power of Balneotherapy

Spa Therapy

What is Spa Therapy? Many people are associating the term with an establishment for luxury beauty and wellness, eventually using some hydrotherapy features. If you are among them, you will be surprised to learn that the term, actually originated from a small town called Spa in Belgium. The word stands for “fountain” in the Walloon …

pH of Drinking Water – Alkaline vs. Acidic Water

pH of Drinking Water

pH Balance in the Human Body

pH Balance in Human Body

What is the pH balance in human body? Well, it is the right proportion of acidity and alkalinity that keep us healthy. Metaphorically speaking we can associate it with the Yin and Yang of Chinese philosophy – It’s all about the perpetual exchange between positive and negative  – in this case, electromagnetic energies. ** We are electric …