pH Balance in the Human Body

What is the pH balance in human body?

Well, it is the right proportion of acidity and alkalinity that keep us healthy.

  • Metaphorically speaking we can associate it with the Yin and Yang of Chinese philosophy – It’s all about the perpetual exchange between positive and negative  – in this case, electromagnetic energies.

** We are electric in nature, and all reactions that happen inside our body, create both alkaline and acidic situations.

Water and the pH balance in the human body

When all is in balance we are healthy and alive – Don’t worry, our inner intelligence knows how to maintain this,  but… we have to cooperate.

What it’s important to know is that ALL acidic or alkaline conditions that go beyond neutral, are toxic and dangerous for our health.

About the Acid Alkaline Balance

The balance between positive and negative ions within a substance is measured by pH, which means potential (of) Hydrogen. – It’s  about the hydrogen that’s part of the water molecule: H2O. The acidity or alkalinity of a water based solution is measured on a scale from 0 to 14.

Ph balance in human body - Acid/Alkaline color chart

7.0 is neutral – under 7.0 is acidic – above 7.0 is alkaline translated in colors: Within our body the OPTIMUM / NEUTRAL pH is 7.365 and the correct pH in our body is shown by the pH of the blood.

It is very important to understand that neither too alkaline or too acidic situations are good for our health.

Can the pH balance in human body can change?

Well, when the molecular water  structure within our body changes, it affects our acid/alkaline balance. When this happens, the chemical reactions no longer happen in a normal way. Consequently, our health can be seriously affected. In today’s life, more often we face situations of an increased level  of acidity (Acidosis), rather than alkalinity.

pH Balance in Human Body

What are the conditions that can change our acid/alkaline balance

  1. Exposure to electromagnetic fields like: cellular phones, microwave ovens, household electric appliances, or power lines have bad consequences for our own health.
    * Interesting to notice that on the other hand, scientists use CONTROLLED  Electromagnetic applications  in treating diseases. Some of these practices are: acupuncture, homeopathy and magnetic therapy.
    ** Medical researchers are also studying electromagnetic therapy as a way to cure cancer.
  2. Geopathic energy created by the underground water veins can also be sometimes dangerous to our health. – Dr Ernst Hartmann the founder of the Research Group for Geobiology, states that the existent dormant cancer cells in our body can be awakened by the geopathic stress.
    * However, like with the controlled electromagnetic applications, the ground energies can have a healing effect. For instance, the underground water has the ability to become charged with good geomagnetic energies – thus giving healing properties to spring mineral water
  3. Stress – It’s very interesting to notice that the properties of water contained in our body can be altered by very weak electric fields, such as those produced by emotions – and it is well known that feelings like fear, anger or sadness, or any kind of stress can affect our health.
  4. Lack of exercise and physical activities
  5. Exposure to pollution, even smoking
  6. Severe dehydration, also associated with toxic, chemically manufactured foods and beverages, as shown in the water nutrition facts page.

But what about the pH of drinking water?

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