Sea Bathing

Sea bathing can be a veritable health treasure if you look at all benefits it offers. It’s about the specific marine climate, sun exposure, sea breeze and the seawater.  But, it’s worth mentioning the additional psychological healing effect associated with the idea of VACATION!  I can still feel the nostalgia of the beach right now… 🙂

Sea bathing

Are you suffering from depression? Ignore the antidepressants – you need water, sun, fresh air and of course the beach!

Studies have found that sea bathing produces a lot of beneficial effects on us, such as: peace of mind, an increased energy, self-confidence and self-control. Further more it helps with a better introspection, a way to control your stress, and an all-around more vibrant life. Last but not least, it also improves the quality sleep.

Seawater, beach and footprints in Acapulco

Health Benefits of Sea Bathing

The beautiful sea, the bright, shining sun and the refreshing sea breeze are the ingredients for the perfect health.

1. Sea water

Therapeutic sea bathing, also known as Thalassotherapy is based on the similarity between the chemical composition of seawater to that of the human body.
The main ingredient of the seawater is the sodium chloride due to which,  taking a sea salt bath is often recommended for a variety of medicinal reasons.

Seawater life

However, the real sea is much more than a solution of salts. It is a living environment that includes the presence of plankton and microorganisms.

Cancun Beach Resort

Many health centers by the sea, use natural saline waters with specific concentrations and slot gacor hari ini temperatures for treating:

  • Rheumatic disorders and arthritis,
  • Central nervous system and peripheral nerve diseases,
  • Post-traumatic, orthopedic and postoperative disorders, as well as
  • Gynecological diseases

The list of the treatments can continue with:

Chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, asthma, non pulmonary tuberculosis, psoriasis.

Nevertheless, bathing in sea salt water is doable at home. But, is more effective if done in the natural environment, due to the additional benefits that come from the sea air and sun.

2. Sea Breeze, rich in negative ions

Walking on the beach
There are also many benefits coming from breathing the salty air produced by the sea breeze:
  • When water sprays, releases waves “good” negative ions, purifying the air, killing bacteria, and increasing our energy level, especially in sunny days.
    – This is why people living near bodies of water high in salt content, such as the Mediterranean Sea, tend to have fewer respiratory problems, a healthy skin, and an increased overall sense of well-being.
    – The negative particles in the air have a refreshing, invigorating effect. They also help increase the physical and mental capacity.
  • The sea breeze helps balance body energy and relieves depression.
  • Inhaling the salty air produced by the evaporation of sea water has been found to be an effective treatment for asthma, sinus allergies and other respiratory problems.
  • The sea air is also full of seawater particles rich in iodine, which helps regulate the thyroid gland.

3. Sunlight and Ultraviolet Radiation – Heliotherapy

Sunny beach, Cancun

Every person needs sunlight exposure to create vitamin D. If you try to get your daily dose of vitamin D through your diet, you’ll be left lacking it. For most of us, UVB radiation is the primary source of vitamin D. Getting enough sun helps your body function properly; in fact, for asthmatics and for people with osteoporosis or cancer, sunlight is medicine!

  • Sunlight was first (successfully) used as medication to treat children with deformed bones (rickets). The exposure to the sunlight, corrects deformities by facilitating the calcium absorption. Both, Water activities and exposure to the sun are very important for child development and health.
  • Doctors recommend gradual daily exposure to  sun as a natural way to prevent osteoporosis.
    Dr. Batmanghelidj’s explains that the sunlight energy rtp converts cholesterol in the skin to vitamin D, which is responsible for our calcium needs.

Use the sunlight to your advantage, but remember:

  • Don’t underestimate the danger of the sun on your skin, especially in the first few days.
  • When under the sun, keep your body hydrated so you skin doesn’t suffer adverse effects of too much exposure.
  • Sun exposure should always be made gradually, and the use of sunscreen and after sun lotions will help you stay comfortable for the rest of your vacation.
  • Small children, or hypertensive persons, should wear sun hats and spend more time in the shade.

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