5 Reasons to use Detox Bath Salts in Your Own Spa

Detox bath salts

Detox bath salts have many health benefits for not only your body but also your soul. Switching off from our busy schedules situs deposit qris to self-indulge is so important for maintaining balance in our lives. Health benefits of detox bath salts Every day we expose ourselves to unwanted toxins coming from stress, pollution, artificial foods …

Negative Ion Generator

Negative Ion Generator

What is a negative ion generator? It is a device that releases negative ions in the surrounding environment, thus cleaning the air we breathe from dust, allergens, fumes, or electromagnetic energies. Such a device  can be either natural or artificial. Water is a natural negative ion generator From ancient times, people have built water features at home …

Spa Therapy – The Healing Power of Balneotherapy

Spa Therapy

What is Spa Therapy? Many people are associating the term with an establishment for luxury beauty and wellness, eventually using some hydrotherapy features. If you are among them, you will be surprised to learn that the term, actually originated from a small town called Spa in Belgium. The word stands for “fountain” in the Walloon …

101 Benefits of Drinking Water and Reasons to stay Hydrated

Benefits of Drinking Water

Sea Salt Bath – The health benefits of bathing in sea salt water

Sea Salt Bath