101 Benefits of Drinking Water and Reasons to stay Hydrated

There are at least 101 benefits of drinking water – but that doesn’t mean anyone has ever counted!

The reality is, there is an infinite number of reasons to stay hydrated, and it’s all related to the functions the water performs in our body.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Water?

Functions of Water in Human Body

At first glimpse, drinking water will make you: stay young, look good, feel good, restore energy, boost your immune system, fight disease and avoid getting fat. But, read and amaze yourself about the benefits of drinking water as I read them from Dr. Batmanghelidj’s books.

Brain cells and function

The human brain on adults consists of about 85% water and is extremely sensitive to water loss. It is said that the brain cannot tolerate even a 1% loss of water in order to function properly.
– Fatigue, nervosity, depression and headache are first symptoms of dehydraton

A brain that functions well gives us peace of mind and relaxation. Treat an irritated person with a glass of water and you will notice how he will calm down and change his mood.

Drinking water helps to prevent Brain and Mental Disorders – Remember that nerve cells don’t regenerate like the other cells in the body

Symptoms of Dehydration: Headache, Depression, Insomnia

Increases Body Energy

Water is our internal main source of energy – It generates electric and magnetic energy inside our body cells and provides the power to live.

– Water also regulates the body temperature (See the water properties page)

Fun in the snow. Drinking Water regulates body's temperature

Prevents and treats High Blood Pressure

Our blood is about 83% water and it need to be fluid for the proper tension on the arteries and on the heart. Water deficit will consequently affect the circulation starting with the capillaries which can become clogged in the case of intense lack of blood fluidity and elasticity of their walls.

Water deficit in the body, affects the blood circulation: the circulatory Jumpa Bola system adapts by shrinking in capacity. Initially, peripheral capillaries close down, and eventually the larger vessels tighten their walls to keep blood vessels full. The tightening leads to a measurable rise in tension in the arteries, called Hypertension.

– The benefits of drinking water are crucial in preventing and treating high blood pressure without using diuretics or medication.

Recently the National Institutes of Health (USA) find out that the dehydration can be one of the main reasons for stroke and people who don’t drink enough water can have worse effects due to the thickness of their blood.

Human circulatory system

Heart Disease Prevention

Hydration is essential to prevent burden of arteries of the heart and brain.

When we don’t drink enough water, the slot gacor malam ini heart becomes sufficiently incapacitated to begin showing failure. In a moderate to severe dehydration, the process begins with the spasm and then permanent obstruction, of small artery.

* In a case of heart failure, water is immediately more essential to the patient than any other medication!

Natural Body Detoxification

Many diseases, including the aging process are related to the accumulation of toxins and high levels of acidity in the body. We need to drink enough water everyday to dilute, eliminate toxins and balance the pH level.

* Drinking 1-2 glasses of water first thing in the judi slot gacor hari ini morning, helps flushing out toxins

Weight Loss

Water is the main factor in the dissolution of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals in the metabolic process.

When the system function well, nutrients are properly used by the body, fat turns into vital energy and doesn’t get accumulated. Drinking water to lose weight is a natural way to get in good shape without the need of a drastic diet.

– One of the Benefits of Drinking Water also consists in maintaining the elasticity to muscles and joints.

Drinking Water to Lose Weight

High Cholesterol

We get cholesterol deposits in the arteries of the heart or brain or on the inner wall of the arteries of the body because of dehydration.

– Drinking water helps to adjust Cholesterol Levels

Benefits of drinking Water for Skin

Hydration and detoxification start inside and continues outside. For maintaining a beautiful slot bonus 100 and healthy skin we need to drink enough water everyday.

– On the other hand, skin disorders are well related to the improper intake of water.

Woman with beautiful skin

Arthritis Treatments and Joint Pain

Water lubricates joints and cushions that support the vertebral column and allow them to move smooth and easy. Pain appears when there is too much friction between the bones due to dehydration: Benefits of Drinking Water in Arthritis Treatments

“Pain-killer medication will not cure the problem, but mask the underlying cause and take you away from what you really need – Hydration!

Arthritis and Joint pain infographics

Water Retention

When you assure a flow of fluid to your body, this will eliminate the excess of water in the tissues. Drinking more water along with some salt intake will help resolving the problem

Cancer Prevention

According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, dehydration (which is a shortage of salt and water), diminishes the capacity of the immune system to create red cells (which fight diseases) in the body.

Water also transports oxygen to all the cells, tissues and organs. Cancer cells, which are anaerobic organisms cannot survive in an oxygenated slot kamboja medium, so they will not resist in a well hydrated body with a good blood circulation.

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