Message from Water

Message from Water

A very important message from water has been sent to us in this new millennium. It is a message of love, and wisdom, sent to us from the depths of the universe to recall that the human being and water have been unified in a magical alliance from the time of creation. Masaru Emoto’s Message from …

Water and Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet top image

A balanced diet consists in a variety of foods that will enable our body to get nourished, while maintaining a healthy level. How is this related to water? Well, water is the solvent of all the food we eat. It is also the medium by which all chemical reactions related to digestion happen. Water and Balanced …

pH of Drinking Water – Alkaline vs. Acidic Water

pH of Drinking Water

pH Balance in the Human Body

pH Balance in Human Body

What is the pH balance in human body? Well, it is the right proportion of acidity and alkalinity that keep us healthy. Metaphorically speaking we can associate it with the Yin and Yang of Chinese philosophy – It’s all about the perpetual exchange between positive and negative  – in this case, electromagnetic energies. ** We are electric …