Negative Ions – Sometimes Negative is Good

Negative Ions on Lake Constance, Germany

Did you know that negative ions are affecting our health every day? If you thought that negative is bad, this is the exception that confirms the rule 🙂 You most certainly have noticed how you felt tired and stressed in a confined environment, and even more so when there are too many people in sharing the …

Feng Shui Water: How to Attract Good Energies

Feng Shui Water Element

Pay attention to the Feng Shui Water element if you want to attract good energy into your environment. In this Chinese philosophy, the term stands for Water and Wind. When activated by the wind, water in motion generates the flow of well-being through your life. How to use the Feng Shui Water Elements to your advantage …

Water Features – 5 good reasons to use them in our environment

Chinese water garden

Negative Ion Generator

Negative Ion Generator

What is a negative ion generator? It is a device that releases negative ions in the surrounding environment, thus cleaning the air we breathe from dust, allergens, fumes, or electromagnetic energies. Such a device  can be either natural or artificial. Water is a natural negative ion generator From ancient times, people have built water features at home …