Wondering what’s the best mineral water you can drink?

The answer is: all bottled waters coming from natural sources are good and safe to drink…. but each has its own characteristics, depending of the type and amount of mineral

While you can only drink the medicinal waters (“healing spring waters”) in small quantities as recommended by trained health professionals, you can drink the bottled waters from the same source in a bottle, available in stores in unlimited amounts.

So what is the best mineral water to buy?

I found some of the most popular brands of bottled mineral water and here is a list of them with their specific characteristics.

7 Best Mineral Water Brands:


Some of these mineral waters are naturally carbonated some have added CO2.

We can consider the light mineral waters coming from natural springs, as being the best drinking water. They contain small or medium amounts of essential minerals which give them a distinctive quality and taste.

Acqua Panna Spring Water

Acqua Panna, Spring Water

Acqua Panna Spring Water is coming from a 3.700 feet high source, in the Tuscan Apennines of N. Italy.
The water never comes in contact with the air or environment, ensuring its purity.

San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino spring water is coming from San Pellegrino Therme in Bergamo Italy. Three springs come from and aquifer 1.300 feet below the earth’s surface, where limestone and volcanic rocks impart minerals and trace elements.

Badoit – French Sparkling Water

French Sparkling Water - Badoit

Badoit is a delicious, naturally carbonated water from Evian, France. It is often served in European restaurants – as one of the best spring water, since help the digestion.. It is also one of the most magnesium-rich commercial bottled waters in Europe.

Evian  Natural Spring Water

Evian Natural Spring Water

  • The source of Evian, France.It comes from the snow melt and rainwater filtered through glacial sand and surrounded by clay, therefore protected from any pollution.

Fiji Natural Artesian Water

Fiji Natural Artesian Water

Fiji is a natural artesian water coming from the volcanic highlands on the main island of VitiLevu in Fiji.

Gerolsteiner Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

Gerolsteiner Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

Gerolsteiner comes from deep volcanic source in the heart of weeded highlands between the Rhine and Moselle River valley, Germany. It is naturally carbonated, low in sodium and high in magnesium and calcium.

Poland Spring

Poland Spring Water

The Poland Spring Water is coming from Poland Spring, Maine, USA. The source is in a pine forest, in a protected area, where also resides the famous spa – one of the best mineral water

Source: Healing Springs: The Ultimate Guide to Taking the Waters book by Nathaniel Altman

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