Water aerobics are endurance type of exercises and if you do them on a regular basis, will help you lose weight, slow the aging effect, increase metabolism, or get muscle strength.

Done typically in a group, it’s entertaining and you feel well and energized. It also offers a pleasant way to move your arms and legs to the sound of rhythmic music.

Water aerobics benefits

Water Fitness
Water exercises provide many health benefits and they are as good for elderly people who want to improve their energy level, as for athletic training.

They can be very effective, with many benefits over regular exercises, like:

Water Aerobics and Fitness
Water Aerobics and Fitness
  • Burning calories and uniformly shaping your body
  • You stay cool all the time, eliminating the unpleasant sweating
  • Your heart rate is slower making water exercise beneficial for pregnancy, obese, and heart disease participants
  • Reduce stress and tension, with an increased feeling of well-being
  • They are easier to do, by eliminating the gravity impact on the body
  • They are fun and bring an improved mood

“Runners, tennis players and other competitors find that training in the resistance of water gives them more of a workout than using weights or treadmills.” says researcher Mary Sanders of the University of Reno, Nevada.

Water aerobics can benefit pregnant women as well

Jane Katz and aquatics specialist with more than 30 years experience shares her knowledge about the benefits of exercising in water for a faster delivery and recovery after giving birth. Read her book “Water Fitness during your Pregnancy”

Exercises typically included in water aerobics programs

  • swimming exercises
  • swimming pool games
  • water walking
  • water jogging
  • anti-aging exercises
  • various types or stretching, and moving

Swimming is an excellent water fitness practice with many health benefits, and can be done at any age. Swimming exercises can improve your strength, endurance and flexibility, and it can be done by anyone at any physical abilities level.

Emmett Hines swim expert and coach has developed 60 workouts and 16 program for you to choose from when going out swimming for fitness.

*Studies have also shown that water exercises and swimming are also excellent water activities for children.

Water Jogging
AquaJogger Footgear
AquaJogger Footgear

Walking in water is another method to strengthen the muscles of your legs, hips, arms, neck or tors.

One of its particular benefits is that it helps enhance the capacity of your cardio respiratory system.

The Aqua Jogging belt will suspend your body in the water, allowing you to complete the exercise with ease.

Water jogging is also recommended for alleviating muscle and bone injuries, arthritis, or aching joints and it’s also highly suitable for burning calories.

Water aerobics equipment

If you want to get more serious about exercising in water, you can use some specifically designed equipment. There are accessories to help you float, maintain the proper position, or to increase resistance.
They can also safely serve people who don’t know how to swim. These people can just exercise in shallow water perfectly, using the water equipment.