Benefits of Negative Ions

There are many health benefits of negative ions and part of them are related to the proximity of water in all kind of forms, starting with the sea, lakes, cascades, summer rains plants to a house air humidifier.

Medical reports show the relation between the negative ions and the decrease of the serotonin levels in the body, leading to a calming effect from fever, and asthma attacks as well as reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Negative Ions are affecting our life every single day

What are the benefits of negative ions?

Over time the beneficial effects of negative ions to our health have been demonstrated, and some of them are:

  • water-activities-acapulco-2wsHelp relaxation – studies have found that water vapors coming from sea waves or springs (especially hot springs) have an increased relaxing effect because of the beneficial negative ions generated on their surface.
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Help in reducing the symptoms generated by cold and flu, like sinusitis, migraine and fever
  • Facilitate breathing and decrease asthma crisis, by increasing the lungs capacity
  • Relief allergies by killing airborne germs and allergens

Cure depression with fresh air and sun!

waterfall gardenNegative ions help reducing the fatigue and depression symptom, while favoring concentration, positive thinking and help productivity at work.

  • Take frequent breaks outside
  • Place a negative ion generator in your office or home workplace
  • Walk in a park often
  • Do some gardening work
  • Go for a weekend vacation
  • Consider installing a water feature either inside your home or in your back yard – read more about the water features and their benefits

Want to sleep well?

Water Features

  • Fresh clean air will favor a good natural rest
  • Never smoke in the bedroom, nor go to sleep in a room where somebody smoked
  • Well aerate your bedroom before going to bed, or sleep with some window open
  • Place an air purifier or ionizer in the room you sleep
  • Unplug all-electric and electronic devises

Benefits of Negative Ions to Children

tired-girl-wsKids are more sensible to the air pollution than adults Due to their bodies’ immaturity, kid’s bodies are much less capable of defending themselves from airborne and toxic pollutants that can penetrate deep into their respiratory tract and other vital organs.

Water Activities for Children

A study on child growth and development was published in 1984 the “Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology” named: “Negative Air Ionization Improves Memory and Attention in Learning-Disabled and Mentally Retarded Children.”

The article shown the beneficial effects of negative ions on child’s mental performance. – The test was specifically based on the power of negative ions to improve the cognitive abilities of mentally handicapped children, as well as the abilities of normal children.

Let children play outside as much as possible to benefit from the proximity of water, sun and fresh air.

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