What is a negative ion generator?

It is a device that releases negative ions in the surrounding environment, thus cleaning the air we breathe from dust, allergens, fumes, or electromagnetic energies. Such a device  can be either natural or artificial.[clear]

Water is a natural negative ion generator

From ancient times, people have built water features at home and in public places, to purify the air around. They make ideal natural air ionizers and humidifiers.

Urban water fountain in Germany
Urban water fountain in Germany

Water fountains generate negative ions, purifying the air around

  • Falling water will naturally cleanse your environment, and a home water feature like a backyard pond, backyard waterfall, garden water feature, indoor waterfall, or tabletop fountain, create a great negative ion generator.
  • Water features also increase the humidity levels in the air naturally, thus cooling and refreshing the surrounding environment.

Whether placed indoor or in the backyard, water features make great generators of good, fresh air, while enchanting us with their beauty.

Plants are good natural ion generators too
White pine tree, Canada
White pine tree, Canada

Plants are also good environment cleaner by their capacity of absorbing the pollutants from the environment while releasing fresh good air.

They produce negative ions by the process of photosynthesis, in the day time.

*Avoid keeping plants in the bedroom, because during the night, they breathe oxygen competing with the sleeping people.

Did you know that salt lamps release negative ions?

Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp

Scientific studies show that salt crystal lamps can increase the negative ion count by up to 300%.

Crystal Salt lamps naturally improve the quality of air we breathe by neutralizing the positive ions generated by electrical devices.

You can place one near to your computer or use it a night-light.

Artificial  Negative Ion Generators

You can buy artificial devices generating negative ions in many forms such as air cleaners, fresheners, humidifiers, projectors, portable desktop or wall-mountable generators.

Here is a small and inexpensive one I found on Amazon.com that really does the job in cleaning the air from everything from bad energies to dust and allergens, while enhancing your mood – very effective for a small room, bedroom or office.

Combining an air ionizer with an air humidifier

Have you noticed how dry and itchy your skin gets in the winter?

This is partly because the air in the winter is dry and the electric heating dries it the even more.

Itchy skin is only one of the annoyances given by dry air. The lack of humidity also affects the nasal mucosa, throat and lungs, giving us breathing related health discomfort.

When choosing a negative ion generator you can combine a ionizer with an air humidifier to moisture the air inside your home, car, office.

Ion Stick
Ion Stick

You can always measure the air quality in your house, room, office or test the efficiency of an air ionizer, using a negative ion air meter.

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