Water structure is the key to our existence

Let’s start with the beginning: the water structure is simple:

H2O = H – O – H


This is how the water molecule appears in its liquid state. It results from the electromagnetic energies created between two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When these atoms of Oxygen and Hydrogen interchange their electrons in order to stick together, the Oxygen becomes negative and the Hydrogen positive.

The H2O molecule is electrically neutral. However as a dipole magnet, its positive and negative charges do not get distributed in a uniform way – the extra hydrogen atom is always free to “stick” to another element, balancing its energy.

Hydrogen bond in organic substances, like sugar dissolved in water

Because of the “restless” ion of hydrogen, water molecules have the ability to connect very easily – in an ongoing process – between themselves (water clusters) and with every other organic substance.
– That’s why water found in nature is never pure; it is always combined with other elements from the surrounding environment.

The Water Structure is the key to our existence

Hydrogen bonds in liquid water molecular dynam...
Hydrogen bonds in liquid water molecular dynamics simulation (Tip3P water model with CHARMM force field) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The connection between the hydrogen and oxygen and other elements, is called the “Hydrogen bond“, and is the key to the organic chemistry. In fact, it is the key to all the special properties of water, and to our very physical existence.

As you can see in the picture of the dissolved glucose (sugar), when an external element enters into the water, it causes a change of its structure. This is because sugar came with an external electromagnetic energy to which the water reacted.

In the same way, apparently water reacts to external energies (electromagnetic fields) of different powers and frequencies. External energies can come from different sources, like EMF’s, and even very weak electromagnetic fields like feelings and thoughts. Greg Braden explains how this affects water in the video below.

As also explained in the message from water transmitted to us by Dr. Masaru Emoto, various types of electromagnetic energies react differently to the water structure and can indirectly affect our health.

NOTE: Some low frequency waves are produced by fear, depression, bad feelings and hate, while high frequencies waves are associated with good feelings of love and compassion.

But is the water structure affecting our life and health in other ways? Hard to prove. More recently other scientists are talking about water memory, as shown in the special properties of water page.

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