Sea Salt and Water – Is Salt Good, or Bad for Us?

Sea salt harvesting

The sea salt (and salt in general) has many benefits to our health, but the combination of salt and water is essential for our life. Together they keep our body hydrated and the vital functions of it working normally. Sea Salt and Water We all know already that our body is 75% water. What maybe not all …

101 Benefits of Drinking Water and Reasons to stay Hydrated

Benefits of Drinking Water

There are at least 101 benefits of drinking water – but that doesn’t mean anyone has ever counted! The reality is, there is an infinite number of reasons to stay hydrated, and it’s all related to the functions the water performs in our body.  What are the Benefits of Drinking Water? At first glimpse, drinking …

Importance of Drinking Water – You are not sick, You are thirsty

Benefits of Drinking Water - Water vs Drugs

Water Nutrition Facts – What Not To Eat

Water Nutrition Facts

Disturbing but awakening water nutrition facts that challenge old diet patterns. The big fact is that most of the food we eat today is artificially produced, therefore almost completely deficient of nutrients but full of harmful ingredients – “Americans are sicker than ever” states Dr. Lynn Hardy, N.D. – Director of the Global Institute For …

Symptoms of Dehydration: 3 Major warning stages you better know about

Symptoms of Dehydrations

How to Stay Hydrated

How to Stay Hydrated

If you are sometimes confused about how to stay hydrated, you are not alone. It’s easy to forget to drink water, and I am one who does it all the time 🙂 The thing is that, there are several reasons that make us often fail to drink enough water: first, the older we get, the …