6 Health Benefits of Swimming for Kids you may not know about

Health benefits of swimming for kids

There are several health benefits of swimming and this activity has been proven to positively affect children’s health and their further development. For kids, swimming and feeling comfortable in water is almost as important as walking or doing land activities. It challenges them to deal with a new environment and many situations related to this. As much as I remember from my …

Water Physical Therapy Benefits

Water physical therapy

Water physical therapy refers to water exercises to treat various types of affections and injuries. It is also called aquatic rehabilitation, or simply slot server thailand super gacor hydrotherapy. Water Physical Therapy The hydrotherapy has many health benefits over the traditional physical therapy. In addition to being relaxing and enjoyable it offers: Support: Water helps …

Water Features – 5 good reasons to use them in our environment

Chinese water garden

Sea Bathing

Sea Bating

Sea bathing can be a veritable health treasure if you look at all benefits it offers. It’s about the specific marine climate, sun exposure, sea breeze and the seawater.  But, it’s worth mentioning the additional psychological healing effect associated with the idea of VACATION!  I can still feel the nostalgia of the beach right now… …

Spa Therapy – The Healing Power of Balneotherapy

Spa Therapy

What is Spa Therapy? Many people are associating the term with an establishment for luxury beauty and wellness, eventually using some hydrotherapy features. If you are among them, you will be surprised to learn that the term, actually originated from a small town called Spa in Belgium. The word stands for “fountain” in the Walloon …

Water Therapy for Weight Loss

Lose weight with water

How to use water therapy for weight loss? Well, consider that it’s something quite fun and relatively easy: Drink a glass of water and Jump in the pool! That’s almost it 😉 I’m not kidding – but, seriously speaking: water can help you losing weight in two ways: Types of exercises To understand how water …