Water Nutrition Facts – What Not To Eat

Disturbing but awakening water nutrition facts that challenge old diet patterns.

The big fact is that most of the food we eat today is artificially produced, therefore almost completely deficient of nutrients but full of harmful ingredients – “Americans are sicker than ever” states Dr. Lynn Hardy, N.D. – Director of the Global Institute For Alternative Medicine. In the same time, obesity is one of the biggest health problem in adults and children, especially in USA and UK.

Water Nutrition Facts – Artificial Foods Dangers

Water Nutrition Facts

Our bodies need “clean” energy, the kind we get from eating the natural foods and drinking water. When we eat artificial, unnatural foods, there is a number of facts happening in our body:

  1. We don’t get the much-needed nutrients, but you poison your body with toxins
  2. The liver can get overwhelmed by these toxins, causing it to not function properly
  3. The natural reaction is to use the available water in our body to neutralize and flush down the toxins
  4. Consequently, this process lets us dehydrated. Don’t forget that The symptoms of dehydration are related to an increased acidity level, which leads to all sorts of illnesses and ailments: obesity, hypertension, heart disease and osteoporosis, to name a few.Is drinking more water a solution? Yes it is, but water can only do so much…
    It takes a lot of water to eliminate the unnatural/unhealthy substances which are acid forming and disturb our pH balance in the body.

On the other hand, when your liver isn’t doing its job, the bad foods you consume get stored as fat. Same is true about attractive colored, some even very tasty beverages loaded with artificial sweeteners and flavors.
Do you want to lose weight and be healthy? You better avoid bad foods and drinks!

So, What Not To Eat…

Please take a minute and watch this funny movie related to the nutrition facts in our today’s life.

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This is not a website on nutrition, so I made a short list with some of the most dangerous artificial foods to avoid:

  • Foods and beverages that may contain:
    – Chemical ingredients and flavors
    – Artificial sweeteners – read the labels on “Diet Products”
  • Processed Soy products
  • Margarine and so called “Low Fat” products
  • Chemically treated, or genetically modified fruits and vegetables
  • Factory farmed animal meat and products
  • Microwave cooked food

Dangers of Processed Foods

While a quick trip through the drive-thru or a bag of chips from the gas station might seem like a quick fix in a hurry, they are first on the list of what not to eat. They don’t give your body with nutrients to sustain your energy, and they have no health benefits. These types of foods are also loaded with artificial flavors and colors made of unhealthy, even carcinogenic chemicals, they contain dangerous artificial sweeteners, they’re cooked in cheap refined oil that’s been used on pounds of food without being changed, and in some cases they have addictive elements. I found this interesting article in the Medical News Today website: Nine ways that processed foods are harming people

Water nutrition facts and the danger of Microwave Cooking

Microwaves are so quick and easy. However, we pay a heavy price for the convenience of these devices. Microwave oven work by altering the water structure within the food. This has alarming and very dangerous implications for our health. In every food particle heated in artificially generated microwaves, the alternating current force over a billion reversals in polarity every second. During this process, it is inevitable to produce unnatural of molecules. Furthermore, the naturally occurring amino acids have actually transform into toxic forms. This happens because the amino acids undergo isometric changes, which means they actually morphing and changing their shape. Read more about Why You Should Never Microwave Your Food

Last but not least: Water nutrition facts related to Factory Farming

Factory farming alarming books

“According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, animal products are the primary source of saturated fat in the American diet. Saturated fat has been linked to heart disease and obesity. Studies have shown that the unnatural feeds used to promote growth in animals on factory farms increase the saturated fat content of meat.” Source: Farmsanctuary.org

Factory Farming is Bad for People, Planet and Economy also tells us Ecowatch.com

But it’s not only about economy and food-borne illness. Consuming animal products that come from factory farms is not only a danger to your health, it is also inadvertently supporting cruelty towards animals. You may ask how eating factory farmed meat and products is related to water. I suggest you to read the Message from water to better understand what I mean.

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