Did you know that negative ions are affecting our health every day?

If you thought that negative is bad, this is the exception that confirms the rule 🙂

Water produces thousand of beneficial negative ions

Water produces thousand of beneficial negative ions

You most certainly have noticed how you felt tired and stressed in a confined environment, and even more so when there are too many people in sharing the same space.

On the other hand, you have certainly noticed that great sense of well-being when walking in a forest, by a lake or on the beach, near a waterfall or in fresh snow… Well, it’s all related to the existence of negative or positive particles in the atmosphere.

What are the negative ions?

Negative Ions by the mountain lake in Andorra

They are actually nothing special – just electrical charged particles (atoms or molecules), part of our body and all the surrounding environment.

Atoms and molecules become positively or negatively charged continuously, as part of the chemical reactions that keep us alive. Nothing wrong with this 🙂
– the only thing that can bother us is when there are too many positively charged versus negatively charged particles.

Positive ions have a negative effect on our health

Lack of negative ions

A very relevant fact is that laboratory tests shown that in spaces with no negative ions different animals cannot survive for more than few days.

Unfortunately in our modern life, we are daily exposed to hazardous conditions for our health, like:

  • Electromagnetic radiation from power lines and household wires
  • Electric heating and air conditioning devices
  • Cellular phones, computers, TV’s, microwave ovens
  • Pollution from exhausts, smog, cigarette fumes
  • Radiation and harmful chemicals and toxins (also from synthetic fabrics materials used for house building or decor)
  • Closed air at home, office, cars or buses

This conditions can damage our cells by changing the Acid-Alkaline balance in our body. It is also believed that these conditions are the reason for the deterioration of our physical and emotional well-being heaving a role in the aging process and cancer.

No wonder people spending too much time indoors suffer from headaches, poor concentration, allergies, and depression.

Negative ions and our health

Dr. Albert P. Krueger, at the University of California studied the effect of these negative particles on human health. He found that even a small quantity of them are able to kill airborne bacteria and germs. The negative ion generator he built helped patients suffering from flu symptoms feel better and quickly recover.

His further researches also shown that the ionized air has direct relation to the levels of serotonin (a neurohormone) in the blood thus having a great effect on altering the mood.

Seek the proximity of water

As early as 18th century,  de Saussure built a measuring device to show the amount of negative ions generated by water in places like forests, mountains or near waterfalls. So, let’s go for them in the nature as often as we can, or bring the nature inside…

The proximity of water helps relaxation

The proximity of water helps relaxation

In nature negative ions are released by:

  • Water waves or flowing water
  • Falling waters like water features
  • Water evaporation produced by plants
  • Photosynthesis
  • Summer rains
  • Sunny weather
  • Fresh Snow